Dumb luck

So, I didn’t plan on posting the results of my weigh in this week, knowing full well what I’d willingly shoveled into my mouth this week!  In fact, I really had to muster up the gumption to even go to the meeting to weigh in at all!  I figured, I needed to take the good with the bad, and accepting the responsibility of my choices was the right thing to do. 

My honest hope was to have a gain of no more than five pounds.  Imagine my surprise when the numbers rested nearly three pounds less than my last weigh in!  That’s right, I somehow lost 2.8 pounds this week!  I well aware of the likelihood that my holiday noshing will catch up with me next week…but knowing that I made progress will help keep me a little more accountable over the coming week!

4 thoughts on “Dumb luck

  1. Hi Amanda. i had that exact same experience. i just wanted to gain less than 5 lbs. I ended up losing 3.8 at my WW meeting. Good job on the loss, even if it was luck. Keep up the good work and keep going to the meetings. Even after I have lost 130 lbs, I still will never be able to keep it off if I don’t go to my meetings. they are helpful and encouraging.

  2. whohooo!! Congratulations! I gained 2lbs…but, I was actually pretty happy with that considering the million and one things I’ve stuffed into my mouth over the past couple of weeks!!!

  3. Congratulations – that’s awesome! I will take a few lessons from you and try to lose a few lbs myself this week!

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