Crafty Tuesday ~ “Tooties”

As I mentioned yesterday, Calder is talking like crazy these days!  It’s also fun because he’s still signing as well.  From time to time, the sign (even thoug they are often “his” version of the real sign) help clear up confusion, as has been the case with “tooties” (a.k.a cookies!). 

At our family Christmas gathering last weekend, I made the mistake of offering these sweet treats far too early in the day.  It was a battle to get him to eat anything else the remainder of the day!  He even helped himself to a piece of chocolate fudge as I stood talking with my family.  Only when I glanced down did I see his sheepish, chocolatey grin.  Of course, being the good mother I am, I quickly snatched the sugar-laden sweetness from his smudged hands and downed it myself (note the absence of a weigh-in post today!).

Throughout the holiday break, the infatuation with sweets waned.  Perhaps its because they were around in such abundance he didn’t feel he needed to eat them every waking moment.  So when Aunt Gretchen asked him to help bake cookies with her, I was a touch nervous that he wouldn’t consume anything of nutritional value for the rest of the week.  Happily, I was wrong!  In fact, he worked remarkably well with the pre-cut frozen dough (don’t worry, Gretch, I’ll be using that secret family recipe from now on!). 

Here are his masterpieces in progress!  I especially love the last one…not sure if it’s a sign of concentration of desire to perform quality control!

Cookies 4

Cookies 1

Cookies 2

Cookies 3