The story continues…

I don’t know if you even remember teasing me about taking my ring off at night.  It was right around the time it started to fit again this fall, after losing baby weight for the second time in twelve months!  If you haven’t noticed, your comment made an impression.

For that brief moment a few weeks ago, when I thought I’d lost it after the race, my heart hurt.  Hearing you say it was safely on my dresser, was the greatest relief!  But it got me thinking.  The hands that wear these two rings are stronger and yet more gentle than they were five years ago.  They have wiped away tears of joy and sorrow, and recently come to ache for the tight grasp of a timid toddler.  These rings have a history, and a future.

I meant every word of my vows when I spoke them.  But now, living them, seeing them unfold before us, the meaning they carried is only beginning to be realized.  So now, when I snuggle in beside you, and twist my ring around my finger, I smile, knowing and loving all it represents!

Happy Anniversary, Love!

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