Family ~ Best Shot Monday

I’ve always been one to get into the spirit of the holidays.  I love the cozy glow of white lights and the older I get the sooner I find myself bringing out the decorations and tuning to holiday music.  Perhaps its all the fond memories I have of Thanksgivings and Christmases spent laughing uncontrollably with friends and family. 

This year, I was particularly excited because it would be the first time my immediate family would be together since January!  And it would be Luke and Ann’s first introduction to their new niece!  Over the course of the three days we spent at Mom and Dad’s we had a tremendous time.

The weekend began Thursday morning when Dad, Julie and I particpated in the Turkeyman Trot along with 1207 other runners!  We thought it would be a pretty small race considering it was on Thanksgiving – guess we were wrong!  I may have mentioned it before, but all three of us finished in our best time ever!  Though it’s nowhere near a truly competitive time, I was shocked to wrap it up on 31:30 – now my goal is to be under 30 minutes! 

Julie 2

Jules and Dad

Dad 2


Race 1

We feasted on delicious dishes, took the annual Turkey Day picture and went with the crew to the movie that night as we’ve done for over a decade now to name a few of the festivities. I think the thing that thrilled me most was being able to capture a shot of our entire immediate family – something that’s not altogether easy to do long-distance. This was such a great way to close the weekend!


This is defintely my best shot for today.  Slip on over to Tracey’s to see more!

5 thoughts on “Family ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. How awesome that you got a shot of the whole family! I’m so bad about doing that…I think I’m determined to get it done this Christmas!!!

  2. What a great family picture Amanda!! I can’t believe Luke is all grown up and married now. I remember teaching him in Sunday School at Leslie Bible when he was in 1st grade and now I have a son in 1st grade.

  3. I love this picture! It is awesome. It is so wonderful that you have a picture with all of you since it isn’t very often this happens.

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