The time has come…

It seems like just yesterday that I was welcoming home my precious bundle of girly-pink joy.  Yet, here it is nearly four months later and today, in spite of the inches upon inches of heavy white snow that blanketed our entire area, I climbed out of bed and returned to work.

I felt a strange mix of excitment and anxiety, hope and fear, uncertainty and confidence.  In just this one day I’ve learned that I musn’t look too far ahead or else I begin feeling the weight of all the expectations I have placed upon myself.

And while the crankiness of a certain teething toddler (yes, he’s still teething!) isn’t something I particularly enjoy, I absolutely miss his sweet smiles and gentle kisses.  As we made the slow turn onto the daycare provider’s road, I heard a faint, “No.  No.  Mom?  No.  Mom?”  from the backseat.  As if the lump in my throat wasn’t hard enough to choke back, now I had the stinging eyes too!  He did have a bit of a meltdown when we parted ways, but was over it within 30 seconds, which is what makes it bearable in the least.

My classes seem great, with a few characters – but how boring would it be if there weren’t a few of those in the mix?!  I noticed that this is the first year since I’ve taught middle school that I really see them for the kids they still are.  I think perhaps because I moved up from fifth grade, I’d always thought of these students as older and I’ve treated them much differently.  It was a neat feeling and one that I’m not sure I can accurately describe.  It felt like an important moment, a turning point perhaps in the scope of my teaching career.

I suppose I’d best settle in since I’m beat from a full day of school, cheer practice, a quick dinner, and then 3 hours of worship band rehearsal.  Oh, and I’ve already managed to put off one small school project I was hoping to complete tonight!

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