What a loser!

I know, this sounds bad.  But in fact this is my way of saying that my half-pound loss this week was decent considering I was in San Antonio for a conference from Wednesday through Saturday and did my fair share of indulging.  Granted, I also ran every day which is pretty good.  Race day is just two days away and I know that it’s going to be cold and challenging, but I also am really starting to like the way I feel after putting in a good workout. 

We’ve also made a startling discovery.  Remember my confession a while back…well, even Garth said that last night’s pizza didn’t really hit the spot as it had been.  I said the same thing having had just one piece (and a few pieces of cheese bread).  So I think I might be switching up my post weigh-in reward just a bit.  Perhaps this health-kick is really working!

And finally – The Biggest Loser.  Did anyone really think that Vicky wouldn’t vote Amy out?  She is so incredibly conniving.  Not that I don’t wish her well with her weight loss and health, but seriously, I will be terribly disappointed if she wins it all.  After Allie last season and even Michelle and Renee this season, there are good people out there who seem to deserve the title more.

I suppose that’s enough rambling for now!