Color ~ Best Shot Monday

We made it home safe and sound…with most of our belongings.  I’m reserving that story for later this week.  You know, when you can look back and laugh because it all worked out.  Perhaps it will tie into what I’m thankful for this week too. 

I’m also glad to be back in the land of free Internet!  Turns out we weren’t charged for our connection, but I did learn that there was even a “better” fee at the conference center – $5.95 every 15 minutes!  Seriously!  What’s crazier is the fact that meandering through downtown Saturday we found at least 5-10 quaint little spots where we could connect for free. 

I love the color I got to soak up while on this trip.  Here’s a shot of the sparkly reflections from the lighted riverwalk – I guess we were just a week early for the amazing every-tree-is-lit shindig.  It was gorgeous nonetheless!


I remember reading this article a few weeks ago, hoping I’d get a chance to capture a great image on my upcoming trip to Texas.  Thankfully, I was traveling with some super great gals who made managing my 3-month-old and all her paraphernalia so much easier.  They even indulged me a few moments here and there to snap a quick shot or two.

Here are two from our trip to San Antonio.  Aren’t the colors great?  I love the wispy clouds here too.

Horizon 2

While this one is a little plainer (is that a word?) it speaks to me.  So this is my best shot for this week.

Horizon 1

For more best shots this week, head on over to Tracey’s.

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  1. Oh I love that first shot. The colors are so warm. How beautiful! And yes, sometimes looking out the plane and seeing those wonderful colors can be so mesmerizing.

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