So tonight I recorded my first official gain.  I’m certainly not thrilled about it, but I also expected it.  I guess that my 2.8lb loss last week makes the one pound gain a little less disheartening.  I think the most frustrating part is that I’d started out doing really well last week.  Enjoying our amazingly beautiful days I went for 2 walks a day for 2 days, plus enjoyed a couple of outdoor runs.

I think all that exercise made me a little cocky.  I started getting a little lax about my food choices.  It also didn’t help that for some odd reason I decided to whip up a batch of saltine cracker toffee.  It’s definitely a yummy treat, but certainly not core!!

So, I’m back on track this week.  It helps that my 5k Turkey Trot is only 2 weeks away, and I know that next week will be a little weird since I’ll be heading to Texas.  Now, I if I can nip this headcold in the bud, I’ll be all set for a great weigh-in next Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Backsliding

  1. Hey, it happens. At least you’ve acknowledged your mistake and moved on.

    I’m not even trying…I’m just sitting here all fat and lumpy and feeling sorry for myself, but I haven’t done anything about it.

  2. I’ve been off track for a couple of weeks too…I gained .4 lbs last week….eek! I don’t like gaining either…but, I think it is helpful too…gives us a wake up call, right!

    You are doing great Amanda…it’s tough to have two babies and do everything that we do!

  3. Keep up the effort. I am back to points after struggling with Core. I needed the discipline of the points and missed the carbs too much. I’m losing…wish it were 5 lbs a week, ha, ha but realistically, a little most weeks.

  4. Hi Amanda! I met you today at the playgroup (fellow cheerleader!!!). I had forgotten that Sadie shared your blog with me!!! Anyways, it was so nice to meet you today and chat!! I hope to see you again soon! 🙂

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