Reality Check ~ Best Shot Monday

I know this is coming in just under the wire…as I mentioned earlier, once I head back to work I’m bound to have a few sparse tumbleweeds blowing through these parts.  At least then my virtual “home” will resemble my real home in the amount of cobwebs adorning the corners!

In any case, I’ve had these images up in my photostream for a few days at least, and I just had to pull them out as my best shots this week.  This is, in part, because they remind me that just last week we were outside in shorts and t-shirts enjoying an evening on the deck, and today I pulled out hats, mittens and winter coats to bundle up before heading into town.  Thankfully the light dusting of snow that graced the ground quickly melted away – I’m just not quite ready for that yet!

Calder was proudly naming his facial features while I was changing yet another poopy diaper, and when he got to his nose, he did this…

Double Barrel

And Seneca, well, she’s growing like a weed despite the fact that she spits up at least 50% of every feeding! She’s quite the urpy baby, but thankfully she’s what the doctor reported as “a happy spitter.” I just love the glistening bit of spittle on her chubby cheeks here!

Sweet Spitter

These daily doses of reality – the unrefined and silly moments of motherhood – that remind me to slow down and enjoy the ride!

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5 thoughts on “Reality Check ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. Oh I love them! Priceless shots, especially the “nose” that Calder is so nicely filling with his little bity fingers! 🙂 Your children are adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had one of those “happy spitters”, too. I swear I thought Drew never got ANY food in his belly…it all seemed to come right back out–but never bothered him a bit, and he grew like a weed 🙂

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