It all adds up

7 years since that first blind date in April.

1 large scallop – your first birthday appetizer

5 different residences we’ve had throughout the entire time we’ve had between us. 

2 very strong martinis.

5 years of marriage – and you’re still my best friend, biggest cheerleading, and sworn Uno enemy!

2 beautiful children.

3 flights we’ve taken together.

1 very long road trip to and from FL for our delayed honeymoon.

4 years spent teaching – a career I may not have found if not for you.

1 step at a time – the way I plan to live each day of the rest of my life with you.

31 – The number of reasons I have to celebrate and thank God for bringing us together…until next year…and the next year…

I’m so thankful to share this journey through life with the most amazing man I know.  I love you more each day!  Happy Birthday, Babe!

1 thought on “It all adds up

  1. I love you too!

    But no mention of sweet potatoes!? I might also add that 1 of those flights (Jamaica) really should have counted as 4 with all of the changing air lines we did.

    We really need to bust out the Uno again, but not until the kids are sound asleep, they don’t need to hear that kind of language from their mother.

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