I must say that Tuesday nights around my house are a complete contradiction.  I usually spend the day slightly worried about how the evening’s weigh in will go.  Lately I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the fact that I’ve had significant weight loss. 

Throughout my various times joining Weight Watchers, I’ve had a method that has seemed to work well for me.  Following my weigh in, I would allow myself to indulge in something I’ve been craving.  If it’s pizza for dinner, a Pepsi and a snickers, whatever it is, I allow myself a treat for that evening only, and then get right back on program Wednesday morning.

To continue the irony, the past few weeks I’ve been scarfing down my rule-breaking foods while also watching The Biggest Loser! 

This week, I knew my schedule wouldn’t allow for me to weigh in tonight, so I went yesterday morning.  It wasn’t pretty.  I think last week’s munching and being slightly out of control for part of the retreat and my return home added to that fact.  I decided to cash in my “no weigh in pass” so I didn’t have a gain on my card so early in the game. 

I need some encouragement this week folks…especially since we have hubs’ birthday coming up and a visit with family on the horizon!

3 thoughts on “Confession

  1. You can do it!! And, you have a lifetime to do it in.

    One thing I always say to myself when the little voice in my head says “Come on, you deserve that snickers bar!” I say back “Maybe, but I DON’T deserve a big butt!”

    Just think of your goals and try to find other ways to give yourself something “special” without the reward being food. A massage? A movie? A trip to your favorite place? A piece of clothing? New book? An hour of alone time?

    Good luck!

  2. Well, I don’t feel like I should be giving YOU advice because you have been one of my biggest inspirations! You’ve done it before and you can do it again! I know you can!

    I know for me, the carb addiction is too strong to give myself a pass to eat anything I want. When I do that (like on Saturday at my SIL’s wedding), I just start that carb craving cycle over again and it feels tough again. But, if I stick to it, and enjoy things within the plan limits (except for a bite of something which I do sometimes), then it isn’t hard and I find it easy to stick to the plan.

    You should check out Natalie’s blog at…on Tuesdays she posts her WW progress…she has lost 64 plans and is working toward 100!!! She always has some great tidbit to share about her experience!

    Hang in there…you WILL do this…heck, you already are!! Everyone has those weeks and the key is making it just one of those weeks and not a habit…I have no doubt it will just be one of those weeks for you!

  3. Just joining Weight Watchers is so much more than I have done. I know, having made this big first step, that you’ll do it. One little step backwards is not so bad, just stick with it and you’ll do great from here on out!

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