Needing to recharge


All the plans have been made, the time has been set aside this weekend to engage in earnest conversation with some grown-up girlfriends.  The 2nd annual epic women’s retreat is underway and will give me the boost I need to continue my journey.

It funny too, because I hadn’t noticed the weird icky-ness (regurgitated pretzel perhaps?) on this poor Weeble girl, until I saw this picture.  Gross as it may be, I think it’s quite a fitting metaphor for this weekend.  Sometimes, rejuvenation requires transparency.  True honesty and openness can often reveal less-than-desirable qualities in our emotional, physical, or spiritual appearance.  Once I release some of my emotional baggage this weekend, you bet I’ll be digging out poor Pigtails here and giving her a much-deserved bath!

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