Happy Birthday, Little Brother

As luck would have it, my baby brother is in Ohio this week – a much more reasonable drive than his permanent residence in Oklahoma.  Yet, his full schedule and early flight made a visit impossible.  Looks like we’ll have to stay connected through texts, calls and web cam chats until Thanksgiving!


Since I don’t have any recent pics of you, I swiped this one from your Facebook albums.  About 10 years ago, I remember you saying that you weren’t going to the airport again unless it was you getting on a plane to go somewhere.  If only you’d known the truth in those words. 

You’ve come a long way from being hauled into my first grade class for show-and-tell 24 years ago!  I cannot begin to express how proud I am of you.  I know you have done, and will continue to do amazing things.  God has a mighty plan for you – and I count myself lucky to witness your journey.

Have a wonderful birthday and blessed year ahead!