Good week? Bad week?

For some reason I felt the need to nosh this week.  I felt especially hungry and really wanted sweet treats.  I was rather apprehensive and had my “no-weigh-in” pass in my hands just in case I needed to cash it in.  So….I was very pleased to see a 3.8lb loss this week! 

On a whim, I went for a mile jog this weekend and hope to start going more regularly.  In fact, I found a 5k on Thanksgiving Day and plan to participate.  What better way to take advantage of a typically food-oriented holiday and turn it into a day of activity.

One thought on “Good week? Bad week?

  1. Don’t know if you just posted all of these, or if my reader messed up…but, CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow, you lose weight so fast, girl! a 5k on Thanksgiving is a great idea! I might have to find one myself and join you!

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