Fall Friday

I must say I’ve been completely and pleasantly surprised thus far by my precious daughter’s nighttime sleeping habits.  I was fully prepared to make it until the 8-month mark (the age at which my sweet son decided to sleep through the night) and instead have waited only until 8 weeks!  Granted, I’m sure there will be nights here and there…but wow, a full night of rest does wonders for the soul!

Add that to a great morning, and a day when hubs gets to come directly home after school and the near-70s weather, and it was a fabulous Friday!  We took a walk, made a trip to drop off recycling, came home and got dinner started while we played on the deck and I held a mini photo shoot with Seneca.  She’s finally over her little bout of baby acne, and I believe the cradle cap is under control now too.  Plus, she’s smiling and cooing like crazy.  She seems to be growing too fast!

I snapped a handful of shots, but here’s the one that I think is the keeper out of the bunch!  We’ll keep trying…I have a feeling she won’t be hurting when it comes to finding a few pictures for her “All About Me” poster come school time!

Sitting in a Basket

6 thoughts on “Fall Friday

  1. How absolutely precious!! I cannot believe how fast Seneca is growing! Where does the time go?

  2. She’s PRECIOUS, Mandi. Thanks for sharing. We’re off to do a photo shoot this afternoon/evening. Hopefully we get some great shots!

  3. Mandi-

    I LOVE this shot. I think it even beats the pics of my own girls. She’s absolutely gorgeous…

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