Close enough

As you may recall, I was hoping for a 4lb loss this week – my second official week of being a Weight Watcher!  Admittedly, our trip to the cider mill on Saturday put a bit of a dent in my goodness, which sent me on a bit of a spiral for a couple of days.

I must have done at least a few things right though, because I’m completely fine with the 2.8 pounds I lost this week.  I think the biggest help I can give myself at this point is to stop comparing this experience to last year.  The situation is completely different, and I have to realize that.

If I haven’t admitted it yet (at least in the public venue on my blog) I usually allow myself to splurge on Tuesday nights after I weigh in.  Then I get right back on track Wednesday morning.  Well, tonight’s binge-fest wasn’t all it was cracked up to be seeing as how I had 2 hours of dental work this afternoon!  Yup, I went in for a crown, and told them that since my cleaning, the other tooth we were concerned about had also begun feeling more sensitive.  So…what was intended to be one crown, became two! 

I had a total of 6 shots of Novocaine, which meant my entire jaw was numb.  It made talking ridiculous (Garth loved it!) and eating nearly impossible for about 4-5 hours.  Happily, I have most of the feeling back now and plan to start the morning out right tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Close enough

  1. 2.8 lbs is awesome! I am stuck at the 1/2 – 1 lb a week and can’t seem to break it! Although, I’ve been seriously derailed from my normal exercising routine this week thanks to a cold and my escaping son! I HAVE to get back on it tomorrow!!!

    You are doing awesome!

  2. I did enjoy the Novocaine slurred speech so did my entire team of 7th grade girls-after they let me have it for giving you grief!


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