They’re sleeping!  Both. of. them.  It’s been quiet in my house for nearly T-W-O hours!  And have I bothered to collect the foam numbers and rubber duckies strewn about the bathroom?  Or the random shoes Calder gathered into an interesting pile on the living room floor?  How about taking a quick minute to put dishes away or take the toilet paper dispenser off the bathroom counter (don’t ask!)? 

Nope!  I’ve spent the time reading, writing, making phone calls and otherwise enjoying a little bit of non-mommy-ness.  I’m sure I’ll soon start flitting about trying to make this place a little less atrocious for my dear hubby, and right about then, my angels will wake. 

But it’s Friday, so I’m fully steeped in the week’s insanity and I’m completely comfortable.  And what’s more, I just learned of a nifty contest sponsored by 5 minutes for mom.  Someday, he won’t fall asleep in his highchair.  Someday, she will sleep in something other than her swing.  And when that day comes, wouldn’t I love to be ready with this?

Please forgive me since I just posted this already this week, but I think she’s worth looking at again, don’t you?  Here’s my sweet submission of a sleeping face I can’t help but love!

Napping on a Boppy 

This contest is open through October 13th, so if you feel like playing and have a cute shot of your darling dreamers….join in the fun!

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