The number of times kids laugh each day


The daily chuckle count for adults

A simple thought right?  I can’t tell you how many times this has crossed my mind since Monday when I read my October issue.  It’s been a hectic week – good, but hectic.  And even though there were a handful of times when I thought I was losing my mind, I managed to keep it together and sneak in a few giggles with Calder too!

Here’s a look at some belly laughs from last year.  

(Any tips for embedding You Tube videos in WordPress – the obvious “Embed” code didn’t work!).  Got it now – thanks Alissa!  As if that isn’t funny enough, check out a few of these to tickle your funny bone!

Better yet, share some of your favorite funny moments – pictures, video or otherwise!

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  1. click on the little video link thingie at the top of the box where you’re composing your post. The paste the URL (NOT the embed link, strangely enough) of the YouTube video in the box. It just looks like a little sentence in your editor, but the video will be there when you publish 🙂

    Now, let’s see some giggles!

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