One, Two, and Ten

For Calder’s first year, we did the picture thing every three months.  I loved all the props, the cute poses and the professional quality.  Then I got my camera for Christmas.  G. jokes often about how I can’t go anywhere without it, but I think he secretly loves it (read: is darn thankful I’m using it considering the cost!). 

When we went to get Christmas pictures we were quite disappointed.  We ended up using one my brother-in-law snapped at our house – and we love it!  So instead of spending the time and money going that route again, I’ve been inspired by friends and fellow bloggers to capture the moments myself.  This is a great challenge for me because I always go for the candid shots, which is great.  But I also want more posed or portrait shots too.

Here’s my attempt to get a picture of my little lady at one month.  The subject is breathtaking (think I’m biased?) but the image was a little weird, so I processed it a bunch and was a little heavy-handed with the softening effect.  I still want to improve my post-processing skills but have decided to cut myself some slack and do what I can for now…until I really have the time to get a good grasp of PS. 

Seneca ~ One Month

Regarding yesterday’s post about my sleepless night…well, we know the reason for Calder’s case.  Double ear infection!  If we can actually get him to swallow his antibiotic he should be feeling better before too long.  And last night, I put Garth on duty at 10:30.  Imagine my delight go have enjoyed 7 straight hours of sleep!  I don’t think my body was sure what to do with so much rest!

We took a walk to the library this morning through the light drizzle and checked out a few books.  We’re on a Dr. Seuss kick, and I remember loving Ten Apples Up on Topwhen I was a kid.  So as my sicky snuggled in for his afternoon nap, we read our way back to my own childhood!

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