The Fair ~ Fun, Food and Friendship

Thanks to a menacing sky and a torrential downpour (that lasted just long enough for us to change our plans) we missed our opportunity to visit the local county fair this summer.  I was eager to take C. through the barns and to sink my still-craving-sweets-like-crazy teeth into the soft, sugary goodness of a fresh elephant ear. 

So, I was beyond thrilled when we arrived in the U.P. for the holiday weekend when we were invited to the fair by my mother-in-law and niece.  With Seneca in the sling and Calder in the stroller we made our rounds.

First the “birds” – but only from a distance.  He sure tried climbing out of his stroller when Grandma wheeled him a tad too close!

Hey Chick!

Then the cows…which he really liked

Moo Cow

The sheep were cute and many came up to the gates to get some lovin’.


There were a couple pig barns, and surprisingly they really weren’t that stinky!  I stuck my camera over the side of the pen for this shot.  Is it just me, or do they look like they’re smiling?  I figured this image was better than the other one I took of a pig – **wink, wink, Mom!**

Snuggly Piggies

After a short stop for a hot dog, we made it to the rides.  They sure look like a lot of fun, but we were pushing our luck as it was nap time.  Factor in the snuggling newborn and a very vivid memory of nearly losing my brother from a high-flying fair ride many moons ago and I wasn’t about to purchase any tickets.  Maybe some kiddie rides next year…maybe.

Loop Plane

As if I thought he’d turn down fried dough topped with cinnamon and sugar.  He was working his “more” sign to the bone for a few minutes.  The three of us enjoyed sharing the monstrous confection.  That is, until the wind caught the paper plate and sent the last bits of it showering over Calder. 

Elephant Ears

As Mom and I headed home with the kids, K. left with her friends to hang out for an hour or so.  I can’t believe that she’s already in middle school.  It seriously feels like yesterday that my friends and I were walking arm in arm around the fair, running down the halls and hanging out at bonfires. 


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