BSM ~ Chicken Phone

So we survived our first week of Dad being back to work.  Honestly, it went far better than I anticipated, except that they were extremely l-o-n-g days!  It didn’t help that Garth had late practice last week, so he wasn’t home until after 7 each night. 

With more time at home, and less time spent engaged in conversation with other adults, I’m finding that I have just as many (if not more) pictures I have taken, but far less (read: zip, zero, zilch) time to actually process and post them.

Here’s a series from a couple weeks ago that makes me laugh every time!  For months now, Calder has used anything and everything as a phone – shoes, tub toys, plastic utensils…and yes…food!  In fact, food has become one of his all-time favorite mediums for this fascination.  We’ve had pancake phones, spaghetti phones…you name it!

The hilarious part is that he always starts his “conversations” on his “phones” with some version of “ummm,” followed by gibberish I wouldn’t begin to know how to type!

Here he is enjoying lunch as usual…

Chicken Phone 3

When he suddenly feels the need to employ the use of his “phone”…

Chicken Phone 2

Oops, it’s slipping…

Chicken Phone 1

This one, is definitely my best shot for today.  Not necessarily because it’s a great image, but because of the adorable smirk on his face.  Apparently his “chicken phone” is the best one yet…because it looks to be bluetooth capable!

Chicken Phone 4

While I can attest to the fact that it is indeed chicken in his ear, when I showed my cousin Jessie these pictures, she thought it looked like cauliflower.  Now that would have been too classic – “cauliflower ear.”

8 thoughts on “BSM ~ Chicken Phone

  1. Hahhahahaha -That cracks me up and how proud he looks of his bluetooth earpiece, too! So fun.

    Yes, the days do seem long sometimes…but the years fly by. I remember hearing that quote once and thinking nothing could be truer!

  2. LOL! That is hysterical! My son has a similar fascination with phones, but he’s never used food! Too funny!

    Hang in there! Things are getting so much easier for me now…at 4 months, Cole is nearly sleeping through the night and they both go to bed around the same time allowing me my evenings! It makes all the difference in the world! You will get there!

  3. I laughed out loud!! It is so funny how times change. When my kids were that age we didn’t have cell phones. I never got to experience this phase! 😦

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