Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mom C

It seems perfectly fitting that your birthday falls right at the beginning of the school year.  Your years spent as a teacher, elementary principal, and now school board member have taught you so much, and as I’m in the early stages of my teaching career, I love “talking shop” with you.

Yet, your teaching didn’t begin or end in the classroom.  Each day I spend with your son, I’m amazed by his kindness, thoughtfulness, attention to detail and his integrity to name a few of his exceptional qualities.  As part of your family, I’ve come to know that these are traits that are highly valued and that you (and Dad) have instilled in him over the years.

I’m so thankful to have been blessed to become part of such an amazing family, and to be able to call such a fabulous woman “Mom.”  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow as you come to visit!  I wish you a very happy birthday and a terrific year ahead!

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