Best Shot Monday ~ Water Works

A few weeks ago a ventured away from being a snap-happy mom and explored some of my natural surroundings.  Then, of course, I became a new mom and, well, you can guess what happened.  Now I have two equally gorgeous and more-often-than-not willing models. 

Then, I remembered all the wedding pictures I shot mere days before Seneca’s arrival.  Today, between Mom and Dad’s visit, video chatting with Luke and Ann, and resting a bit before friends from church brought by dinner, I decided to take a few photos on a PS test drive.

Without a doubt, this is my absolute best shot today.  I must say I feel there’s going to be quite a learning curve for me as I fumble my way through learning the system.  But if I keep getting results that make me smile as big as this one did, it’s worth it!  Seriously, my mind reels at the child photography possibilities….

Aug 9 019 copy

I really think this one is worth clicking to see bigger!!  Then you can swing by Tracey’s for more Best Shot Monday.

8 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday ~ Water Works

  1. Oh, the *sparkles* on the water are so beautiful, too!! Nice shot!
    When you get a free moment (ha ha ha!! oh, that is funny!) and want a quick, easy way in PS to get rid of the electrical lines, let me know and I can walk you through the beauty of the clone tool! Also good for food on babies faces, snotty noses, etc!

  2. Gorgeous, deep, contrasting colors, well done! Congratulations on new baby, too. She’s scrumptious!

    Thanks for stopping by this morning! Happy Monday.

  3. Lovely shot. Fountains make great pictures and like the over saturated colors in the shot, the deep deep blue in the sky and the dark water. Very nice.

  4. Love the vivid blue sky…a great shot to practice PS with…I’m just now getting my feet wet with it as well:)

    Happy Monday 🙂

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