Best Shot Monday ~ Sweet and Saucy

 A week ago today, we became a family of four.  I became the mother of a daughter.  Calder became a big brother.  In this past week there have been a flood of emotions splashing about our house, and the one that produced the biggest wave ~ the one we’re still riding is pure and utter l-o-v-e.

Sure, we’re a bit sleep-deprived.  Yes the toys are left littered on the floor a bit longer.  It’s a given that Calder is testing a tad more too.  Yet the little moments – tender kisses for little sister, the sweet roses that our boys brought home for us, catching kisses at the breakfast table…these make all the other nuisances disappear.

Here are a few shots from yesterday ~ I’ll try to get full body pics of this outfit (yes there has been lots of “this-is-too-cute” squealing on my part).  So far, Seneca seems pretty thoughtful and laid back…until she’s hungry that is!  Then, it’s no holding back! 

Waving hello


Pretty Girl

We’ve been blessed by some wonderful meals from our church family.  Calder especially enjoyed the stuffed shells Miss Emily brought by on Saturday!  I love his “I didn’t do it” expression here…


And his mischevious little smirk here…

Loving Pasta

I really don’t know if I can choose a best shot this week, but wander over to Tracey’s to see what others are cooking up this week.

10 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday ~ Sweet and Saucy

  1. Your baby girl is beautiful. The photos of your son all messy from dinner are priceless. No need to pick a best one.

  2. I couldn’t pick a fave either. They are all so beautiful….even Calder with his messy face. Love to you and your family…Seneca is simply charming 🙂

  3. *sigh* I so want to write a post that we’ve grown to a family of four. Your children are beautiful! That sweet little baby face is worth a thousand words!

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