Dog Days of Summer

We always knew we’d get a dog.  Sure, we could smuggle a cat into our teeny apartment for a few months, but adding a canine companion to our family was impossible until we owned a home.  We closed on our house a few days shy of our first anniversary, and three short months later, we fought our way through a horrible Michigan winter storm to welcome home our wrinkly Weimaraner pup. 


We’ve had our ups,
Xanther Snowball


04-09-05 047.jpg

and in-betweens with this guy.
Good Dog

I always said I wouldn’t be one of those moms who loved their dogs like nothing else…until their kids came along.  It seemed so sad, so cold to dismiss the four-legged friend.  Yet, I too found myself cringing at the sight of dog hair on baby blankets, and his dirty nose nudging the clean toys. 

And I’ll admit there are times that I haven’t completely trusted Xanther, which has caused us to keep a watchful eye on the dog-baby relationship.  Now that they’re both a little older, we’ve let them interact a bit more and it’s been pretty cute to watch them. 

Seeing the wonder in Calder’s eyes as Xanther licks his hand, and hearing his squeals of delight at sloppy wet kisses remind me that he’s not just my dog.  He’s our dog.  Our family dog.  And as much as I might have (possibly will have again soon) thoughts that life would be easier without him around…I know that deep down, I’m a softy for this floppy-eared fella. 



8 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. i really love the honesty of your writing in this post. i’m sure many moms deeply understand what you feel. i hope your dog and your baby grow up to be best friends, and that friendship will stay with calder for other dogs to benefit from!

    and your photos are gorgeous, too!

  2. oh i didn’t know you guys had a weimaraner! i must have not really looked when there were photos of X on the site or something… i soooo want one. he is really, really cute!

  3. I completely understand how you feel!! I just wrote about this same thing in my post today! I love our dog…he was our first baby…Our “hairy”son as my husband calls him. He was everything to us before we had kids and I am so sad that he has fallen so far down on my list of priorities. I guess it is natural…but, heartbreaking at the same time…I want to love him the exact same way I used to, but I just can’t…my kids have filled in part of his place in my heart. BUT, I do LOVE that dog sooooo much and we would do just about anything for him!!!

    Your dog is so cute…my sister loves those dogs..she would be jealous!

  4. I LOVE him! My fav is the one of him with the IV in his arm. We have a rotti and I know exactly where you coming from as far as the kids go. I find myself getting short with her a lot of times as I’m trying to get the kids together and she’s “in the way.” But there is nothing like that unconditional love from her!

  5. OH, I just love Weimers. We have a Jack Russell that my hubby really wanted and she is like our first child, too. I do admit that when she was a puppy, I hoped that she would run away. She was a challenge but we love her.

  6. I knew if I didn’t comment when I first thought of it I would forget…and I did. After reading this post the other day, we settled on the couch for some good ole TV time and there was an exact replica of Xanther! Oop…now I remember. Xanther is on Maid in Manhattan! Maybe if the little one stays in for a bit longer you and Calder can snuggle and watch it!? Take care and good luck. Welcome baby 2!

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