Best Shot Monday ~ Summer Sunset

Here’s my first attempt at shooting raw.  I’ll be honest that it I don’t think I have the photographic (or post processing) chops to shoot in this mode all the time just yet, but it was fun.  I think once I get better software (and learn how to use it) I’ll give a go once again.

I had a hard time getting the right amount of contrast in the lower half on the image, but I really like how the clouds, color and sun turned out.  It was the perfect end to a fabulous day.

Summer Sunset

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10 thoughts on “Best Shot Monday ~ Summer Sunset

  1. Oh, I think it is a very nice first shot at RAW! Do you have Camera Raw or Lightroom? Those are the two I use (besides Photoshop) that really will let you take full advantage of shooting RAW

  2. Lovely clouds! The sunlight behind the clouds adds nice contrast. I wouldn’t worry so much about the darkness in the foreground of your shot. The sky really draws the eye. 🙂

  3. Wonderful shot! What a gorgeous sky you have captured here. What a coincidence that we both just started shooting RAW, too. 🙂

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