All better…

We’ve also successfully replaced the shelf and so far it’s still in tact complete with hanging clothes and all!  We plan to add another bracket which we have to pick up at the store tomorrow as today was spent celebrating my Uncle Chris’s 50th birthday and the completion of his Master’s degree.  I also spent some time with the nearly-weds, my cousin Greg and his fiance Jodie to finalize which song I will be singing in their wedding in a few weeks.  We wrapped up the evening by having pizza with my folks while they ran Calder so ragged that he was asleep about 5 minutes after we got on the road! 

With my baby asleep I settled in for some quality computer time, hoping to learn a little more, and learn I did!  While it’s but a small victory I have to say that in the past two days I have managed to successfully add buttons to my blog which has been a bit of a frustration of mine for a while!  And tonight I downloaded a trial version of Snagit and created a custom header.  I’m not sure that I adore it just yet, but for my first try I thought it wasn’t too bad.  Hopefully I’ll be able to try again soon and create one that isn’t so pixelated.  Any tips and suggestions from more experienced bloggers is greatly appreciated.

I’d also like to create little “flags” (if that’s the proper term) for the titles to my various sections (Calendar, Categories, etc.) like I’ve seen on other blogs.  I think I might know how to create those now using this program, but I’m not sure I know exactly how to plug them into WordPress, so again, any helpful hints you can toss my way are appreciated!

5 thoughts on “All better…

  1. I’m not sure how Snagit works and I don’t know WordPress, but in blogger, there is an option to “stretch to fit” which will make a smaller sized image look pixelated…I think the image size is supposed to be 800px wide in order to fit perfectly across a blog with your type of layout..

    Oh, and I’m working on some “flags” myself right now, and just found a tutorial online by googling around as to how to do it for blogger…maybe there would be something out there like that for WordPress?

  2. Do you have Photoshop? I just create my headers in photoshop and then save them as a .jpg (and it will allow you to size it correctly so it will not stretch or pixelate!) and upload them that way.

    My next goal with the ‘ol WordPress is to figure out how in the world to do the custom CSS so I can put everything where I want it because none of the templates are exactly what I want!

    Let me know if you need any help…

  3. I am with Carrie, I use photoshop to create my header so that it doesn’t get stretched when I upload it. I think that I just did a google search for directions, and they were easy to follow after that. And believe me, I am a photoshop dummy, so if I can figure it out, you know it must be easy!

  4. I know nothing of Snagit, but I use Photoshop to create my headers. When you’re in your template on WordPress it tells you the exact dimensions of the header for the template you’re using. I just create an image that exact size, so it doesn’t look pixelated when it stretches to fit the space.

    If you don’t have photoshop, Picasa MAY be able to do it for you, and it’s a free download. I’ve used it for editing before, but I’m not sure if you can add text and such…

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