Theme Thursday ~ Unrefined

So I’m not actually sure if this is an accurate interpretation, but I’m going with it!  I’m far from ready to leap into RAW shooting, but I did play with a few settings on my camera this weekend.  I found myself pleasantly surprised by this shot when we arrived home from a first birthday party.  For some reason, it really moves me.  I love the way their hands are in a similar positions and the way her embrace screams safety, security, protection, comfort, and love.

Here’s the shot SOOC:

 July 12 060

Here’s the shot with a little processing:

Sweet Baby Boy

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5 thoughts on “Theme Thursday ~ Unrefined

  1. Beautiful capture…its a wonderful embrace. Glad you got a chance to mess around with your camera…it’s the best way to learn. 🙂

  2. I just can’t stop staring at this image…it’s absolutely beautiful and so endearing. What a capture! I think it’d be beautiful in b&w too.

    As for what additional steps RAW requires…you have to adjust exposure/white balance/contrast first before exporting to jpg and processing as usual. It’s really pretty simple and results in a higher quality image. Don’t be scared of it…it’s not hard, really! 🙂

  3. Perfect SOOC image! Even without the processing it is great! And, I agree with Christina, RAW really is an extra step, but definitely an easy one and it is sooo nice to have that flexibility in processing!

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