9 thoughts on “Blossoming with Best Shot Monday

  1. Umm . . . love your B & W treatment to your first shot. I really need to try that. Isn’t it amazing that a simple flower can be so beautiful. Nice work.

  2. What gorgeous flowers! I love the editing on the first shot — it is a great use of selective color!

    To answer your question about the collage — I just used photoshop to make it (an ANCIENT version of photoshop at that). I just created a new file, and sized it at 12×12 (although you can use any size you want) and then just cut and pasted from shots that I wanted to use (I did any processing on the shots before cutting and pasting them in). Then I just flattened all the layers and that was it — it actually was really easy (I’m not very good at photoshop) and only took a few minutes.

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