Cowboy Hat ~ Best Shot Monday

Looking back, we have a handful of shots of C. wearing hats.  And these are just the few I could find (I’m still working on learning how to best organize my photos), and those that were actually caught by the camera.  Sometimes he wears them willingly, other times it’s a bit of a struggle to keep the thing on his precious head for more than a few seconds.  Last week, we hit the jackpot!  Not only was he absolutely adorable – but it was very clear that he felt pretty slick too, walking around wearing Daddy’s cowboy hat.

I love his look here, when he first puts it on. You can almost see how hard he’s trying to contain his excitement…
Summer Fun 026

Stoping to chill with Dad for a bit…Painting with Dad

Trying to take a posed picture…
Summer Fun 029

And finally, my best shot for this fine Monday.
Summer Fun 028

I don’t play along often, but when I do I try to direct everyone to the fun, so head over to Melody’s to see what other’s are posting for their best shots today!

11 thoughts on “Cowboy Hat ~ Best Shot Monday

  1. I’m so glad that you did BSM this week, because these are ADORABLE! I love that first shot — he couldn’t be any cuter!

  2. What a sweetie! Such great shots. I know how hard it can be trying to snap a little one in a big hat. Great catch!

  3. Hats are a major theme around here, too: we’ve got a whole album full! Youngest Nephew’s newest addition is an Indiana Jones hat that I just HAVE to get a picture of him in. Your guy is adorable in his little cowboy hat… too cute.

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