To my children

The greatest gift I could ever receive is knowing that you treat others respectfully.  You use kind words and tone when talking with friends, and your conversations with your elders are dignified and appropriate.  You don’t laugh at others being put down or join in when picking on someone is the “cool” thing to do.

I can’t begin to imagine how much the world will change before you yourselves arrive here in the wonderful world of middle school.  But I can pray.  I can hope.  I can teach.  And though teaching is my profession, I’m slowly learning the biggest lesson of all, which is that the teaching I do within our home is so much more important than what I do from September through June in a brick-walled building. 

Mornings like these, where disrespect and ignorance reign are frustrating, to say the least.  Yet, they also strengthen my resolve to raise you both on the Truth that we have in Him and to trust that providing a strong foundation will result in the solid construction of your futures.