Natural Beauty

Arriving home after a long, yet productive day at work, I dropped my bags in the kitchen and returned outside to see my guys.  Eyes shining, a mischevious grin stretched across Calder’s face – it’s so nice having him back after a week of him being quiet and lethargic getting over the flu.  A quick glance around the flower beds reveals several weeds that need pulling, newly sprouted lilies, and unknown greenery that we hope results in blossoms sometime soon.  Then, my eyes land on a baby robin that we watch for a few minutes before finishing our trip to the mailbox.

Later, standing at the sink finishing dinner dishes, I think back to our first apartment and how I hated staring at the awful textured wall which was made even uglier (if that was possible) by the unflattering glow of the flourescent light that buzzed above the sink.  A flutter in my vision brings me back and I see the little robin perched on the railing of our deck.  Squeals of excitement erupt from the dining room where Calder stands watching Dad and doggie playing in the yard.  I glance over my shoulder, smiling at how he finds pure pleasure in the simple, everyday things.

Turning back, I see the mother land on the railing, a dirt-covered worm dangling from her beak.  No way?  Really, she’s going to feed her baby? I think to myself.  Sure enough, she hops over and her sweet baby gobbles his dinner.  How amazing.  How simple and true and wonderful.  Mamas feeding their little ones seems to be the theme of the evening as I prepare to head into the other room to give C. his dinner. 

I feel priviliged to have witnessed this moment and begin losing myself in thought.  That is, until I look again to see the little bird poop on my deck and hear a clatter from the dining room, where I find Calder proudly holding his dinner plate, while his dinner is now scattered about the floor.  I fight the urge to get upset and instead, thank God for the many blessings in my crazy life!