Photo Frenzy

While I still have plenty of things I could be doing, I found myself with a couple free hours tonight, so I decided it was about time to download, organize and post a few pictures.  I seriously cannot believe I haven’t posted ANY since my little man’s birthday party!  Not that none were taken, but it’s just been an extra thing to accomplish and well, enough excuses already!

Hopefully they will appear as I hope, though I often find that some don’t fit the size of the middle column, so I spend far too much time tweaking them to make it look just right.  I couldn’t believe how much I loved this first one.  What’s more, I took it from my lap – without even looking through the viewfinder!

April-May 2008 073

How about the little turkey in the tub…

April-May 2008 011
April-May 2008 016

And yes, I did spiff him up a little a while back, I think this definitely counts as the first official haircut.  Doesn’t he look like such a big boy?

April-May 2008 146

Just browsing through the few hundred thousands of pictures I’m amazed at how quickly he’s growing and what a terrific little guy he’s turning into!  Stay tuned for the pics of Baby #2 very soon!!!



2 thoughts on “Photo Frenzy

  1. He is growing up so quickly. What a cutie you have on your hands. Soon, he’ll be welcoming a baby brother or sister. How exciting for all of you. Hope all is well with you. Happy Mothers Day.

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