Coming Home

I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve written that I should probably introduce myself again.  I’ve had millions of possible posts half-written in the insanity that is my mind, and yet somewhere between thinking so eloquently, reflectively and sometimes philosophically and getting it to flow through me and spring forth as actual words has been quite a challenge as of late.

Admittedly, I have been in what I’ll call a “funk” for the past couple of weeks.  Spending my entire day with students who may or may not give a rip that I spent 4 hours categorizing my bookshelves to make them more user-friendly or fighting with the copier for 45 minutes on a Sunday night doesn’t provide the most rewarding experiences.  Add that to the fact that I I’ve entered a new age bracket, which wasn’t really a spectacular celebration, and I’m hyper-emotional being nearly 6 months pregnant, and I hope you’ll understand my absence.  Instead of seeing the glass half-full I’ve been much more inclined to find it completely empty, and trying to “fill it” with empty words and posed pictures seemed trite.

So, on those happy notes, I’m am at least pleased to report that lately, things are looking up.  I’ve had a few days where I’ve seen small successes with students and felt validated in the methods I’m using in class.  I’ve had engaging conversations with new friends, colleagues, and family.  I’ve been bombarded by baby kicks and rolls and happily enjoying Calder as we spent last week combining work, play and rest on our much-needed spring break.

In some ways, my most and least favorite part of a trip is that familiar trip that ends at our front door.  That moment between turning off the car and opening the door is filled with relief that we’re safely back home, and a almost-tangible twinge of regret that our time away has come to an end.  Walking in and looking around, things look oddly different and yet startingly the same.  Even here, as I type, I’m surprised by the changes that have taken place in my absence…yet it feels good to be back among the writing.

So the few of you who are out there reading, please know that I’m back.  Slowly, but surely I’ll find that groove once again and happily share the ups (and downs) with those who are interested enough to stop by.

2 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Glad to see that you’ve returned. I was wondering if everything was alright. Are you and Garth finding out the sex of the baby this time?

    Wishing you well,

  2. Happy to “hear” from you! We knew you couldn’t stay away much longer. . . This is just too much of who/what you are!
    Thanks for making us a part of your spring(?) break. Wish you were here this week to hear the snow melt, the birds sing and I suspect there will be spring peepers to hear in a couple evenings. Now it’s like the entire horizon has dropped, the world is greening and the promises that are Spring will come to fruition. Happy days are here again.

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