Happy Birthday!

March 2008 180

Dear Calder,

I have a few different drafts of this letter already saved on my computer, yet I find myself needing and wanting to write directly to you tonight.  I can hardly believe that it’s already been an entire year since you came into our lives and completely turned our worlds upside down. 

You have grown into such an amazing little boy already and I’m sure that this is merely the beginning of an amazing journey.  I keep thinking that we’ve arrived at my “favorite” stage with you, yet you continue to surprise me and each milestone brings another feeling of joy and excitement.  I’ll never forget the perfection of those first few weeks – crazy as they were.  “The Cocoon” I called it, loving how the world around us stopped and all that mattered was right here in our home.  It was the perfect combination of energy and relaxation, restlessness and peace – it was a living contradiction. 

You are quickly teaching me that each new phase will bring a different kind of joy and worry into my overflowing heart.  As you explore and discover your world, I’m awed by your focus and attention to small details.  I cannot wait to share countless memories with you, and I learn by your side how to be the best Mommy I can be.

The way you splash in the bathtub, cough when I tap your button nose, and play shy by snuggling in close, are just a few things I adore.  Your newest tricks – standing by yourself, melting down when you don’t get your way, and trying to climb the stairs – have caught me somewhat by surprise, and made me realize just how steep the parenting learning curve can be!

Thank you for all the ways you have made us a family.  You make me so very proud.  Happy First Birthday, Calder-Man!



P.S. I’ll post more pictures from your birthday party very soon, sweetie! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Aww, Happy 1st Birthday Calder! May you provide many more wonderful memories for your Mama & Daddy over the years!

    Today, I celebrated my 31st birthday! Is yours on the 12th too? If so, I’ll always be able to remember your Special Day. (And be reminded that you’re 30 years younger than I.)


  2. Hey Happy birthday Calder! You are such a cute, handsome little boy! You are so lucky to have the greatest parents that you do. I had your mom and dad as my teacher!

    You are amazing Calder!

    Keep up those cute smiles!

    melissa marvin your mom and dads student

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