Momma Love

As I celebrate my first Valentine’s Day as a mom (yes I know that I was already a mother last year, but there’s something different…) I’m blessed with a laughing, giggling, “da-da” saying reminder of the man who stole my heart! 

I consider myself among the luckiest of women, to have found a husband who daily makes me feel like I deserve the best life has to offer.  He is such a faithful partner in both the big and small tasks and I would be completely lost without him. 

And just when I didn’t think I could love anymore…enter my Little Man!  Those butterflies that started with surprise visits, Tuesday night dates, and fabulous kisses are back again, in a slightly new form.  Now, the giddy feeling I get in the pit of my belly, is combined with a feeling of pride, excitement, apprehension and utter amazement at the way he is changing each and every day. 

I’m overcome with joy and filled to the brim with love.  To my beautiful boys…I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.