OK, so I’m changing the look of my blog a bit (even though I lose some of the formatting on my early images).  In any case, I was looking around for a way to have one of those really cool “moving” Flickr badges (like the one I found here).  So I read about it and learned it was really simple.

Copy and paste the code for the badge into a text widget and watch the magic happen!  As you can clearly see by the atrocity that is my failed attempt at said embedded badge, it didn’t work!!  I’ve already spent an hour or so trying and re-trying to get this thing to work, but to no avail.

If, by some miracle, you have found your way to my blog and can offer any assistance, the obsessive compulsive side of me would be beyond appreciative!  What’s more I’d love to use my text widgets to put cool buttons on my blog too, but apparently I’m text-widgetally challenged!

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  1. I’ll take a look at things later when I’m done with all my math and such. I like the new colors.

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