Getting Prepared

I’ve heard it before and I know I’ll hear it again, how teachers have the easiest job, we get so much time off and the list goes on.  Granted, last week, was pretty nice, but it was also atypical.  I realize I didn’t report that we did receive the phone call again Friday morning, making it our third day off last week!  For us, we actually went in only on Thursday since we’d taken Monday off since we’d be coming back from Colorado so late Sunday night.

But to be honest, sometimes these long-ish breaks bring on a whole different set of problems!  For one, my plan for tomorrow is to re-read the first two chapters of The Giver with my first hour class, since they had a hard time recalling any of the events they’d read about on Thursday.  Then, we’ll work on re-establishing the rules and rapport of the classroom.  Not to mention that now, we have a full week staring us in the face and it could be a little tough to get through! 

What’s more, G. and I are presenting our first technology workshop for the LMWP Leadership Team on Saturday, which gives us a six-day week.  I’m not saying this to get any pity, just trying to convince myself that I’ll have what it takes to muster through!

On a positive note, we heard from Luke and Ann tonight and they are successfully back from their honeymoon and en route to OKC where I assume the former will immediately pack and head to Texas for his class which commences early tomorrow morning!  Whew!  These jet-setters have me exhausted!  I can’t wait to hear about their trip and see their pictures – which I’m sure I’ll try to share too!

Lastly, we’re happy to report that C. is officially a “peek-a-boo”-er.  I know we’ve been playing it with him for months now, but last night, after his dinner and while we were eating ours, he started playing it right back.  He’s so stinkin’ adorable when his chubby little hands fumble their way to the general vicinity of his eyes and waits for us to play along.  He’s also dangerously close to being ultra-mobile (a.k.a. walking).  If he could stop laughing uncontrollably when he starts taking steps (with assistance) from G. or I, he might actually acquire a bit of balance! 

I suppose that’s all for now…happy Superbowl watching!