Let it Snow!

I recall joking with my husband that I could really use a weekend to rest after returning from the whirlwind of excitment in Colorado.  Little did I know that my joking would become a reality.  For the past two days we’ve had the pleasure of hearing the sweetest sound known to teachers…the ring of the telephone in the wee hours of the morning!

That’s right!  We’ve had two snow days in a row!  Granted, they’re actually more like crappy-back-roads and really-windy-and-icy days, but you get the point.  We’ve done lots of resting, cuddling, and tonight we even got a little “crafty” in the kitchen and whipped up a batch of pasties to have for dinner on Friday night when my folks come over.

We also got to spend some down time with Grandma E. as she came over last night just in case we needed a babysitter today.  And she’ll be back again to watch C. on Friday too – what would we do without her?!

Off to grab some dinner and get Little Man bathed and in bed.