No more nursing

I just realized that I never reported a rather significant event in the life of my little man…and well, in my life too.  About three weeks ago, after a few weeks of rather frustrating feedings which we gradually becoming fewer and farther between, we made the switch to the bottle.  I contemplated pumping again, after all I dragged that blasted thing all over Manhattan and Chicago, it seemed too easy to stop now.  But to be honest, I think I was ready to reclaim my body for a while. 

The fact that C. transitioned seamlessly made it that much easier.  In fact, the process of accepting the change myself was a little more time-consuming than anything Calder seemed to experience.  I have noticed him being a little clingy lately, but that’s a “side effect” I certainly don’t mind. 

I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t make it the full year, like I’d hoped, but I’m quickly learning that things don’t always pan out the way I plan.  I suppose the fact that C. now has three pearly whites and he practiced using them on me (ouch!) didn’t help matters any.