Four Years Ago

I promised to love you, to cherish you, to honor and respect you.  I vowed to constantly show you my love and faithfulness regardless of our circumstances.  We’ve had ups and downs, ins and outs and we’re still here…still strong…still loving.

I love knowing that we’re committed to making this work.  And on this day – this day that I dreamed about when you slipped that ring on my finger – as we celebrate with family, kiss our child goodnight and share a furtive smile which communicates those ever important said (and unsaid) messages, I am reminded that a love like ours is rare and precious.

Whatever life throws our way, I know I’ll survive because I’ve got you by my side.  You continue to amaze me with the depth of your love, your resolve and your earnest heart, ever-searching for God’s will.

Happy anniversary!

I love you, Babe!

2 thoughts on “Four Years Ago

  1. That is awesome…remember what you did 13 years ago on Sunday? You sang at our wedding…yep, 13 years on December 30th….I still love that song. You’re awesome. Love to you and yours.

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