…and to all a good night

Cookies baked and frosted, gifts wrapped, house cleaned, family sleeping…I’m about to join my boys as I anxiously await the first of a lifetime of Christmas mornings.  It’s strange because I feel like so much has happened since the last bell of the school day on Friday…well, I guess that’s because a lot has happened.  Yet, it’s all been that good kind of busy and bustle. 

Today we tidied up the house and enjoyed an early Christmas Eve service at a sister church in Belding, then came home for some delicious Shrimp Fettucini.  It was a terrific day, a cozy evening and I can hardly wait to get several photos posted tomorrow!

And as I prepare to rest my head, I’m so thankful for the precious child born in a manger, who loved me and my family with a love far deeper than even I can imagine or could love them myself.  Thank you, Father!