Snow Day?!

We’ve hoped for this since the first flakes fell a few weeks back, and today our wish finally came true!  What made it better was finding out last night!  This makes the third straight day that we’ve been able to relax and work around the house.  Well, maybe we’ve done more relaxing than working, but who’s counting?

I was completely elated by the snow day today because it meant that I could join my husband and baby as they trekked to Lansing for his 9-month check-up.  However, I just received word that our middle school basketball game is still going to be played!!  I’m astounded by this as in the past school cancellations result in activity cancellations for that same day.

I tried calling for an earlier appointment, but to no avail.  I’m also a bit skeptical as to what sort of turn out we will have for the game anyway – not crowd, but team-wise.  I’m trying not to be pessimistic, but this news has seriously taken my carefree family day and squashed it…

…here’s hoping for a happier post later!