First Haircut

I promise, this will be the last post for a while.  I’ve got to get showered and ready so we can head out very soon.  I love the one where he’s scrunching up his shoulders, not sure of what’s about to happen.  To see the “after” check out the Home page of my blog.  I swear it makes him look older!

Calder's Haircut

See my Tabblo>

3 thoughts on “First Haircut

  1. I’m sure his Bozo curls have been saved for posterity! He does look older and darn cute too, of course. I’m anxious for time with him in MY arms very shortly!

  2. Ahhhh…. You cut his beautiful locks? Stop making him grow up any faster than he already is. I adore him, and I just LOVED his little curls! I remember when Garth went through that phase last year when he had little curls too. You made him cut those as well, didn’t you? You are an evil curl cutter!

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