Attitude adjustment

So I hoped for a happier post later tonight and I’m ready to deliver.  Once I got over my self-pity jag about having to go to school for the game, it actually turned out to be a pretty good (and productive) afternoon.  I was able to get several grades entered, catch up on some e-mail, and the second game was a real nail-biter to boot!

I had 4 girls there tonight and it went quite well.  We made small steps toward progress.  I’ll admit we really aren’t great, but they work hard and I try to encourage an atmosphere of fun.  It’s going to be quite a challenge to get in competition shape in two weeks when we return from break.  Especially considering that we are still working to perfect Round 1 and haven’t begun working on Round 2!!

Anyway, I’m unplugging for the night and hope to keep blogging a little more regularly.  There’s sure to be lots of Christmas joy to share!!