12/12 – Perfectly Paired

It was a rare treat today, to find myself sprawled out on the floor giggling with my precious boy, husband watching, together at home and it was only 4 o’clock!  What a treat indeed!  Neither of us had practice (for once) and made it our goal to head straight home after school.

I’d thought of it earlier today, but shortly after our laugh-session on the floor, I thought back to that day in March nine months ago.  I smiled thinking about how I was convinced that I would never move normally, sit comfortably, or feel anything physically aside from pain.  And my boy….how he’s grown!  This round-faced cherub who brightens my world with his smile, melts my heart with the touch of his hand on my face, and reminds me how time passes all-too quickly, was a fraction of the size he is now.  It’s hard to imagine him as fragile as he once was now that he’s bouncing and bumping all over. 

I love the way he squints and squirms whenever he’s fed…even if it’s foods he’s eaten (and liked) before!  Sometimes he does that whole body shiver, then gets used to it and gobbles up the rest!  All except for Mac and Cheese that is…he full out resisted to eat the rest of that!! (Pics to come soon!)

And tonight, in the bath tub!  Wow, I was reminded again of how much bigger and more active he has gotten!  Between his splashing, chewing on his tub numbers, reaching for the soap, shampoo, washcloths, etc and trying to climb the walls of the shower, I managed to wash his hair and bod while playing a splashing game or two myself!  Long gone are the days of low-key bathing.  Luckily, he hasn’t started the crying when we get out…yet!

Now, as my eyes grow heavy and my basket of school work sits full on the floor by my side, I take in the soft glow of our holiday decorations and smile having accomplished a great deal in my personal universe.  Baby bathed and sleeping, laundry going, bills paid, house straightened…well, mostly, and kitchen cleaned – thanks to my darling husband who handles this so I can tackle the other areas!  I know I should work on the delinquent papers I should have already graded and returned, and guilt will set in tomorrow as I attend Day Two of the assessment conference that discusses this very thing….assessment FOR learning, which involves a much faster turn around than I can achieve.


I’m tired.  I’m content, and I am confident that I will conquer these tasks before me.  While they might start in that small white basket, they certainly don’t end there.  I know that I serve a mighty God who can and will help me through!  Lately, the days I want to give up seem more frequent than days I know I can pull through.  I pray for strength to be the best wife, mother, teacher, friend and so on….