Celebrity Sighting

While I fully plan to write more detailed posts – or perhaps more creative, I do have to report that throughout our wanderings today, we randomly asked directions to Peanut Butter and Company.  When I heard the woman respond, I looked up and made a slight squeak.  I recognized her, but couldn’t place her, think of her name, or do anything but listen to her direct us up the street. 

I think she knew there was some recognition and I really wanted to ask for a picture, but didn’t because I didn’t want to be “that” person.  Despite a picture with her to prove the veracity of our sighting, it was especially great to have seen Mary Louise Parker during our meanderings in the Village today.  The best part, is that she was so helpful and so down to Earth.

I desperately want to send her correspondence thanking her for the directions and for being kind to some mid-west girls looking for some food!  We’ll see if that ever happens….

Don’t worry – pictures will be coming soon!

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