The City that Never Sleeps

Well, almost.  I can hardly stand being so close to the city and not yet in it!  We arrived at our Newark hotel around 11:30 tonight, after two rather turbulent flights and a slight delay in Detroit (isn’t that always the case?).  Yet here I am, still awak and planning to get up in a mere 5 hours to put in a really long day of conferences and running around the city in all my reminiscent glory! 

But, I had to post.  I had to report that so far I haven’t broken down into a heap of sobbing having been separated from my child since 4 o’clock today and turning in for my first night away from him.  I know that this will be a good experience and I have no doubt that my husband will do an amazing job flying solo this weekend…it’s just that there was something pretty cool, knowing that I’d been with him every night of his little life. 

But now I have a different cool thing to report.  After two nights of waking to uncontrollable wails from the nursery, this morning we discovered the culprit.  A tiny, nearly imperceptible edge of a bottom tooth!  That’s right!  He’s got some pearly whites!  I’m interested to see how much more it has come through when I return on Sunday!  I’m also curious about how 5 days on the bottle will go.  It could be a really good thing, while he’s getting used to this newfound toy.  Or a really bad thing, since bottles don’t feel pain when chomped on and tugged!

Well, that’s my exciting news for today.  I have a million and one other ideas floating around in my sleepy head, but they will have to find their way to all of you another day.

3 thoughts on “The City that Never Sleeps

  1. So far so good at home. . . Other than needing a bottle at 12:30am things have gone pretty well. I don’t know though if I would say Calder has pearly whites, more like pearly white. Enjoy the city, we miss you!

  2. Oh, that first child-first night away. I remember the feelings of excitement yet complete sadness. I can tell you, it does get easier. And when you return, you’ll swear that he’s grown so much in just these few short days away! Enjoy your time away and have a safe trip!

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