Feelin’ the love

Getting ready this morning I heard my phone buzzing away on the counter and learned I missed a call from my “little” brother.  I can only imagine what he wanted/needed what with his w-e-d-d-i-n-g being only 80 days away and all!

That got me to thinking that perhaps a handful of my readers may want to swing by their wedding web page and read about their big day!  They included a link to their site on the Save the Date cards, but I’m not sure if it worked perfectly.  Try this first.  If that doesn’t work simply go to the knot and in the lower right-hand corner you can search for a couple’s wedding web page.  Be sure to type in Lucas (not Luke) Ewing or Ann Geddie.

Be sure to sign their guestbook to wish them well!

1 thought on “Feelin’ the love

  1. My gosh, it doesn’t seem possible that “Little Luke” is getting M-A-R-R-I-E-D! He has grown up to be quite the handsome young man and has a stunning and beautiful bride-to-be. Boy do I feel old! (Perhaps because my “little” brother is still single?)

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