What I should’ve said

So I’m not really sure that I like admitting I was watching How I Met Your Mother, but alas, it was on, I was here, I was watching.  In any case, tonight’s episode was filled with “should’ve said” moments and it made for a rather interesting way to tell the story.  Add to that the fact that whole show is told in flashback and it really is pretty complex (even if it’s pretty raucous for primetime).

Anyway, I’m sitting here tonight, knowing that I need to report my not-so-fabulous weigh in last week and I’m secretly dreading tomorrow night too!  I guess it’s because I “should’ve said” a few more “no thank-you’s” instead of so many “yes please’s” in the past weeks.

Now, I’m not really that broken up about it, but I think my drastic decrease in physical activity (I’ve been a little lax since cross ended) coupled with my overconfidence about what foods I could consider wise choices, I’ve started feeling a little less-than-fabulous in the past few days especially.

Luckily my next season is starting tomorrow and I’m hoping that my personal desire for conditioning doesn’t turn away any of my seventh grade competitive cheerleaders.  On a positive note, we found our camera case and I will be posting photos soon.  Plus, we got some great video tonight of Calder cracking up at Xanther!  I hope to get it posted later this week.